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Insurance Disputes, Police Misconduct, Prisoner Rights & Appeals

Other Specialties

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In addition to handling personal injury and wrongful death cases, we work with Indianapolis area residents on insurance disputes, First Amendment/police misconduct, prisoner rights, and, as an appellate attorney, we handle many types of appeals as we are licensed to work in the 7th District Court of Appeals. Please see below for details about our other services.

Insurance Disputes

If your insurance company is trying to avoid paying a claim, either in part or in its entirety, that you believe is a valid claim, we can help. Insurance disputes happen most often because of greedy companies assuming that you’ll give up pursuing what is rightfully yours. You pay your premiums and expect they will fulfill their end of the policy. They have a duty to act fairly and settle the claim in a timely manner. If your insurance company isn’t responding to your requests or simply refuses to honor your claim, let us help.

Police Misconduct

Police Misconduct

The police are employed to protect and serve you, the citizen. When the unfortunate occurs and you are a victim of police misconduct, you have a case. If your First Amendment rights were infringed upon by the police or other law enforcement authority, you need to protect your rights by having an experienced trial attorney investigate the allegations and file a claim. Yes, law enforcement has a wide scope of what is allowable but abuse of power cannot be tolerated.

“Our medical bills were sending us into bankruptcy, but Nick Baker helped us fight a big insurance company, and win.”

Prisoner Rights

prisoner rightsAs an inmate, one does not have their full Constitutional rights; however, there are standards that all guards, wardens, and prison facilities must follow especially along the lines of cruel and unusual punishment. If you suspect your rights as a prisoner were violated or if you are a loved one of an inmate you believe is having their rights restricted beyond an allowable level, talk to us. We may be able to help get the situation resolved.


As a practicing appellate attorney in the 7th District Court of Appeals and the Indiana reviewing Courts, we handle a wide scope of appellate cases, most notably those in negligence and insurance law. When there are errors in the process of the case or the application of the law, you may have a reason to file an appeal. Whether your case was decided by a judge’s order or a jury, you may are entitled to a review of the findings. As a former Clerk under Judge Kirsch, I honed my skills writing appellate briefs and have an excellent record when taking an appeal to court.

When you have a case that involves personal rights or personal property being taken in an unjust manner, let us go to work for you. If you need an appellate attorney, call us. We can be reached through our contact form or by calling 317-456-7889.